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hai....readers,aku balik lagi nih dengan topik baru.hari ini aku bakal mosting announcement
sebelum masuk ke materi kita lihat dulu yuk standart competency,Basic competency,and Indicator.

Standart Competency :
>To comprehend and express the meanings of spoken and written short functional text about announcement in the context of daily life to access knowledge.

Basic Competency :
>To respond and express the meanings within the formal / informal spoken and written short functional text in the form of  announcement, advertisement, invitation  accurately and fluently in the daily life context to access knowledge.

Indicator   :
>After finishing  the lesson, the students are expected to be able to:
>identify the topic or the purpose of a spoken announcement
>give spoken announcement
>read aloud the written passage of an announcement in the meaningful way and with good pronunciation and intonation
>identify the topic of a written announcement
>use the appropriate grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and other writing rules accurately

Simak baik-baik yah materinya...!!

The definition of announcement
Announcement is something said, written, or printed to make known what has happened or (more often) what will happen.

In writing an announcement, keep the following points
1. The title/type of event,
2. Date/time, place and
3. Contact person

Example  :

                        SCHOOL TRIP TO GOLDEN SANDS BEACH

On 28th of March, the school will hold a school trip to Batakan Beach.
    Departure time    :    07:30 a.m.
    Programs    :    Morning swimming, games, volley ball; lunch in the sea view restaurant.
                           Afternoon walk along the beach to the lagoon;
                            watch the boat festival.
        Fee    :    Rp50,000.00
Contact person    :    Yuni,Chia,Swansea
                                                                       Chair person

                                                                         Ewo Jatmiko

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