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Standard Competency :To comprehend and express the meaning nuance within the transactional and interpersonal conversations which are related to the happiness expressions in the context of daily life.

Basic Competency :
To respond and express the meaning nuance within the formal / informal transactional (to get things done) and interpersonal (get sociable) conversations by using the simple kind of spoken and written languages accurately and fluently in the daily life context involving the acts of expressing happiness, gaining attention, expressing sympathy and giving instruction.

Indicators :After finishing  the lesson, the students are expected to be able to:
identify the meaning nuance of expressing happiness
respond or carry out transactional and interpersonal conversations about expressing happiness

Definition  :
Happiness Expression is an expression that is used to show that someone or people are glad have excited feelings

What would you say to express your happiness?
I’m happy……
I’m (very)pleased / (really) delighted (about)….
I can’t say how pleased / delighted I am about it
I am so glad to hear that

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