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A word group with a noun or pronoun as its head. The noun head can be accompanied by modifiers, determiners (such as the, a, her), and/or complements.
A noun phrase (often abbreviated as NP) most commonly functions as a subject, object, or complement.

1.   Head
 is the hub, the center of attraction (as it were) of the noun phrase; it is the noun or pronoun around which the other parts gather together. The head determines concord with the portion of the sentence outside the noun phrase. Thus:
a.   The change in the Asian economies is unprecedented.
b.   The changes in Japan's economy are most unexpected.

2.   Pre-modification
consists of all the words placed before the head. These words are usually determiners, adjectives and nouns.

3.   Modification
comprises words in the noun phrase that follow the head. These words usually consist of prepositional phrases, nonfinite clauses, and relative clauses

1.   Determiners
2.   Adjectives
3.   Compliments
4.   Modifiers

Kinds of Noun Phrases
a)   Noun + Noun, example : Office boy
b)   Verb + Noun, example : Take a bath
c)    Gerund + Noun, example : Throwing ball
d)   Pronoun + Noun, example : Our school
e)   Adjective + Noun, example : White board
f)    Determiner + Noun, example : A ball

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