Minggu, 25 Maret 2012


Hai….aku balik lagi neh…
Semoga kalia ga bosan ya mampir di blogku dan semoga apa yang ku tulis dapat bermanfaat bagi kalian.
Sekarang aku nulis tentang Janji pertemuan (APPOINTMENT).
Simak yuk…

Appointment tells about agreement for meeting.It is good to make an appointment before you meet someone or people.
Ø Making an Appointment
·        I want to make an appointment to see
·        I’d like you to come and see
·        I’ll be there
·        What about (thank you)

Ø Accepting an Appointment
·        All right,see you there
·        No problem.I’m free on Wednesday
·        Be there on time
·        I’ll be wait for you

Ø Cancelling a appointment
·        I’m sorry,I’m very busy
·        I’m terrible sorry,I have to put off my appointment

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